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At ArborYpsi Law, we are experienced representing clients charged with crimes in Ann Arbor. Ann Arbor is a college town, which means we represent many students charged with crimes such as:

As young people who have not yet started their careers, many students are understandably concerned about the consequences from a criminal conviction. There are options to keep convictions off your record. Call an Ann Arbor Criminal Defense attorney to see how we can help.

Football Gameday Legal Troubles

Each fall, Ann Arbor sees many visitors who come to enjoy University of Michigan Wolverine football games. Unfortunately, these visitors sometimes leave with a misdemeanor or traffic ticket. A lot of these people would find it difficult to travel back to Ann Arbor to appear in court. For many of these offenses, we can handle the case without you having to travel back to Ann Arbor to appear in court physically.

15th District Court in Ann Arbor

We regularly represent clients in the 15th District Court. When charged with a misdemeanor or traffic ticket in the city of Ann Arbor, the case will be handled in the 15th District Court. The three judges in the 15th District Court are Judge Valvo, Judge Hines, and Judge Burke. All DUI/OWI cases are in front of Judge Burke. Judge Burke also presides over the sobriety court. All cases involving domestic violence or domestic assault are heard by Judge Hines, who presides over a special docket for these types of offenses.

Cases in the court may be prosecuted by either the City of Ann Arbor or the State of Michigan, depending on which police agencies made the arrest or where the alleged offense occurred.

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