College Student Sexual Misconduct

Michigan universities investigate allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault between students.

These investigations can result in suspension or expulsion from school.

Each school has different procedures and policies for the investigation process. Each school has developed a policy with definitions of assault, consent, and harassment. These definitions may be similar to legal principles but also unique to the school’s policy.

These investigation can also parallel or come before / after a criminal investigation or a criminal charge.

The Title IX Investigation

Many schools use the investigator model for an investigation. The University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University both use an investigator model. This model has an investigator who speaks separately with the student making the accusation and the student accused.

The investigator may provide the accused student with very few details of the allegation. The student appears for an in-person interview to make a statement and answer questions regarding the allegations. The allegations are later revealed in full, and the accused student responds in writing.

The accused student can ask questions of the accuser, but the questions must go through the investigator and are done in private.

However, the legal landscape for these hearings has shifted since they were initially created. Now, universities must hold live hearings in cases where the main issue of the case is credibility. In these cases, the accuser provides testimony and is subject to questioning. Read our Article on the New Live Hearings.

In addition, the current administration has proposed a variety of new rules that would benefit the person accused of misconduct. ArborYpsi will stay current on the trends.

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