Criminal Defense Attorney

Being charged with a crime can make your world feel like it has been turned upside down.

We won’t let that happen. ArborYpsi Law will be with you every step of the way.

From your first phone call, we will explain the law and your options.

Dedicated to Criminal Defense

We appear in Courts all over southeastern Michigan. We challenge cases, file motions, and hold trials.

At ArborYpsi Law, we develop a defense to criminal charges based on the individual client, the alleged crime, and the particular court and community in which the the client is charged.

Focus areas include DUI/DWI, domestic violence, and traffic misdemeanors and tickets.

A criminal conviction may impact many areas of your life. Areas of impact include immigration status, driver’s license, and professional licenses. You will receive information on these consequences. We will take them into account when we advise you on the best course of action.

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It is important to us that you understand what’s going on and are an active part of the defense. That’s why we keep you up to date at all times and are fast in responding to your questions and concerns.

A criminal case can be resolved through one of two ways, through either a plea bargain or by trial. The choice of resolution is up to the client. You will never pushed in any direction.

Initial consultations are always free. Based in Ann Arbor, we appear in courts in Ypsilanti, Chelsea, Saline, Plymouth, Romulus, and throughout Metro Detroit.

Read the ArborYpsi Law Criminal Law Blog to learn about developments in the law, case stories, and more.

We practice the criminal defense of non-citizens charged with crimes.

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