Defense of Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic assault is charged at a frequency never seen before. New court dockets have been created that are dedicated to just domestic violence related charges.

The increase in domestic assault charges does not mean all those charges are legitimate.

Domestic violence is a crime that is often wrongly charged, likely because of the relationships and dynamics involved between parties in the offense.

What We Can Do For You

ArborYpsi Law is your advocate. We are prepared to take any case to trial.

For example, we won a domestic violence trial where a spouse falsely accused the other spouse of domestic violence in order to gain leverage in a divorce.

We also won a domestic assault trial where our client was the real victim. The person who called the police was actually the aggressor.

We’ve obtained dismissals in domestic violence cases where we’ve set the case for trial and the accuser failed to show.

Trial is not an option in all cases. Perhaps you wish to take responsibility. There are plea bargains that can keep a domestic violence conviction off your record.

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Domestic assault charges are often accompanied by a civil personal protection order that makes it unlawful for the offender to contact the person alleged to have been assaulted.

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