Domestic Violence Cases are Complicated

Domestic violence or domestic assault involves an assault or battery on a person with whom there is a close relationship, such as dating, marriage, or a child in common. It is a crime that is often wrongly charged, likely because of the relationships and dynamics involved between parties in the offense.

For example, we won a jury trial where a spouse falsely accused the other spouse of domestic violence in order to gain leverage in a divorce. We also won a jury trial where our client was the real victim, as the person who called the police was actually the aggressor. Both of these scenarios were positive results for our clients.

Know All Options that are Available to You

We’ve obtained numerous dismissals in domestic violence cases. Sometimes the case is set for trial and the accuser fails to show. There are also plea bargains that can keep a conviction off your record. Knowing all of the options can be the difference between receiving a life-changing conviction on your record. We have extensive experience in this area. This means you can be sure we’ve seen a wide range of cases and can advise you properly.

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Courts take domestic assault cases more seriously than ever before. In Washtenaw County, many judges have created special domestic violence courts. Obtaining a plea bargain under MCL 769.4a (dismissal of the case after probation) has never been more difficult.

It is necessary to evaluate each case to determine options for trial and beating the case. The dynamics in the relationship between the accused and accuser means every case will be unique and must be handled as such.

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