MSP to Crackdown on Aggressive Driving This Summer

A new enforcement campaign by the Michigan State Police will focus on aggressive driving. So slow down and take it easy out there to avoid tickets!

What Are Police Looking For?

The enforcement focuses on aggressive driving, which can include;

Where is This Enforcement?

The Michigan State Police Crackdown will focus on the stretch on I-94 between Jackson and Taylor. This is about a 65 mile stretch of highway that has seen an increase in traffic crashes over the last five years. During that time, crashes involving commercial vehicles have risen 15%. In addition, 86 people died in traffic crashes. Counties of enforcement include Wayne, Washtenaw, and Jackson.

What Do I Do if I’m Ticketed?

Call a lawyer who handles traffic tickets to look into your options for dealing with a ticket. A traffic ticket or a traffic misdemeanor may have consequences for your driving record and insurance. You don’t need to settle for the ticket. A lawyer may help reduce the damage to your driving record or get rid of the ticket altogether.

A misdemeanor ticket, such as for reckless driving, means you have to go to court. A reckless driving misdemeanor is the most serious of the aggressive driving tickets the MSP is looking to hand out this summer. Such a ticket leads to a no-exceptions 90-day driver’s license suspensions In addition, a reckless ticket results in six points to the driving record.

A careless driving civil infraction ticket is also serious. A careless driving ticket means three points on the driver’s license, although no automatic suspension. A careless might make your insurance rates increase, however.

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